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Spin DoctorsSpin Doctors Live at Rockwood Music Hall - Room 2 on 2012-07-18 (July 18, 2012)

something has gone horribly wrong 8-p
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Collection: SpinDoctors
Band/Artist: Spin Doctors
Date: July 18, 2012 (check for other copies)
Venue: Rockwood Music Hall - Room 2
Location: New York, NY

Source: Audience - split mics in balcony
Lineage: Neumann TLM-170 (20 foot cardoids hung from balcony) -> Sound Devices 722 (@24/96); FLAC File processing in SoundForge Pro 10.0d (L/R channel time alignment; resample to 44.1 with iZotope 64-Bit SRC set higher than "Highest Quality" setting w/anti-alias filter; 24->16 bit dither using iZotope MBIT+ Dither with Ultra noise shaping, High dither settings; slight clap removal); Tracked in CDWav.
Taped by: Scott Bernstein
Transferred by: Scott Bernstein
Keywords: Neumann; TLM170; 16 bit; flac16; bernstein; Spins; Doctors; blues; Rockwood; NYC


1. tuning / intro
2. Big Fat Funky Booty
3. banter - previous album
4. Nice Talking To Me
5. banter - fresh stuff
6. Some Other Man
7. banter - Spin Doctors ancient history
8. Scotch & Water Blues
9. banter - band intros, more history
10. About A Train
11. banter - PFOK 20th anniversary
12. Little Miss Can't Be Wrong ->
13. What Time Is It?
14. banter - lab animals
15. The Drop
16. banter - another song from new record
17. Ben's Looking Out The Window Blues
18. Jimmy Olsen's Blues
19. banter - title track of new record
20. If The River Was Whiskey
21. banter - Bobby Sheehan story
22. What My Love
23. banter - song that started it all
24. So Bad
25. banter - band intros
26. Sweetest Portion
27. Traction Blues
28. banter - record finished in 2 days
29. House
30. encore break
31. banter - luckiest band in the world *
32. Two Princes ->
33. Lady Kerosene ^
34. crowd


* = someone tossed a pair of panties onstage at Chris at this point
^ = includes 2 (short) bass solos and 2 (short) drum solos

I hand-scrubbed a few local annoying claps from T17 (15 claps), T20 (24 claps), T24 (16 claps). T26 (1 clap)

Billed as "Eric Schenkman, Mark White, Aaron Comess, and Chris Barron", not as "Spin Doctors". The venue holds maybe 150 or 200 people.

Recorded, mastered, and tracked by Scott Bernstein (7/28-8/1/2012)

There is a higher quality 24 bit version of this recording available at

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Audio Files Flac VBR MP3 Ogg Vorbis PNG
tuning / intro 6.0 MB 
1.9 MB 
907.2 KB 
5.6 KB 
Big Fat Funky Booty 25.5 MB 
6.2 MB 
3.0 MB 
10.6 KB 
banter - previous album 3.9 MB 
1.1 MB 
576.4 KB 
9.5 KB 
Nice Talking To Me 23.9 MB 
5.8 MB 
2.7 MB 
10.5 KB 
banter - fresh stuff 2.7 MB 
753.5 KB 
380.2 KB 
9.0 KB 
Some Other Man 28.1 MB 
6.9 MB 
3.3 MB 
11.0 KB 
banter - Spin Doctors ancient history 11.0 MB 
3.2 MB 
1.7 MB 
10.0 KB 
Scotch & Water Blues 28.7 MB 
7.0 MB 
3.4 MB 
11.5 KB 
banter - band intros, more history 4.9 MB 
1.4 MB 
742.6 KB 
10.1 KB 
About A Train 36.8 MB 
8.9 MB 
4.3 MB 
10.3 KB 
banter - PFOK 20th anniversary 3.7 MB 
1.0 MB 
551.8 KB 
7.9 KB 
Little Miss Can't Be Wrong -> 27.6 MB 
6.5 MB 
3.1 MB 
10.9 KB 
What Time Is It? 37.1 MB 
8.8 MB 
4.2 MB 
10.6 KB 
banter - lab animals 5.6 MB 
1.6 MB 
851.0 KB 
8.0 KB 
The Drop 52.9 MB 
12.7 MB 
6.1 MB 
10.5 KB 
banter - another song from new record 3.0 MB 
908.5 KB 
463.4 KB 
8.2 KB 
Ben's Looking Out The Window Blues 18.7 MB 
4.7 MB 
2.3 MB 
10.6 KB 
Jimmy Olsen's Blues 34.1 MB 
8.3 MB 
4.0 MB 
10.7 KB 
banter - title track of new record 4.8 MB 
1.4 MB 
753.5 KB 
7.6 KB 
If The River Was Whiskey 19.9 MB 
4.9 MB 
2.4 MB 
10.3 KB 
banter - Bobby Sheehan story 4.5 MB 
1.3 MB 
675.3 KB 
8.5 KB 
What My Love 15.8 MB 
3.8 MB 
1.8 MB 
11.7 KB 
banter - song that started it all 6.3 MB 
1.8 MB 
963.7 KB 
9.9 KB 
So Bad 34.5 MB 
9.0 MB 
4.4 MB 
11.4 KB 
banter - band intros 3.4 MB 
1,001.5 KB 
526.6 KB 
8.6 KB 
Sweetest Portion 26.9 MB 
6.9 MB 
3.4 MB 
11.2 KB 
Traction Blues 22.7 MB 
5.5 MB 
2.6 MB 
10.9 KB 
banter - record finished in 2 days 3.1 MB 
897.0 KB 
472.0 KB 
8.5 KB 
House 28.6 MB 
6.8 MB 
3.3 MB 
10.9 KB 
encore break 6.6 MB 
1.8 MB 
1,006.9 KB 
9.4 KB 
banter - luckiest band in the world * 4.9 MB 
1.4 MB 
730.3 KB 
8.8 KB 
Two Princes -> 31.4 MB 
7.5 MB 
3.7 MB 
10.9 KB 
Lady Kerosene ^ 44.7 MB 
10.4 MB 
5.0 MB 
10.7 KB 
crowd 1.3 MB 
359.5 KB 
210.6 KB 
7.0 KB 
Information FormatSize
spindoctors2012-07-18.md5 Checksums 2.3 KB 
spindoctors2012-07-18.tlm170.flac16.md5 Checksums 2.1 KB 
spindoctors2012-07-18.tlm170.flac16.ffp Flac FingerPrint 2.1 KB 
spindoctors2012-07-18.tlm170.flac16_files.xml Metadata [file] 
spindoctors2012-07-18.tlm170.flac16_meta.xml Metadata 5.4 KB 
spindoctors2012-07-18.tlm170.flac16_reviews.xml Metadata 7.2 KB 
Other Files Archive BitTorrent Text
spindoctors2012-07-18.tlm170.flac16_archive.torrent 59.4 KB 
spindoctors2012-07-18.txt 1.8 KB 

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Downloaded 1,171 times
Average Rating: 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars

Reviewer: mrmojorisin - 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars - August 3, 2012
Subject: Loved it!
Wow did I miss out... Sadly I must admit that MTV and mainstream radio tainted the Spin Doctors for me and I never checked out their less popular material or ever got to see them live. Great show and a great recording! I love the banter. The music was funky and the blues tunes were terrific. I'm hoping to catch these guys if they make it to my neck of the woods!
Reviewer: TCinNYC - 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars - August 2, 2012
Subject: Great show, Great band!!
What an awesome night at Rockwood. I knew I should have gone, & Scotty's recording only confirms that. I am one of the lucky ones who used to rage with The Spin Doctors before they achieved pop star status. Nightingale's, Lion's Den, Wetlands, it was a great time in NYC, & a band that had an edge. When they finally came to Burlington Vt where I went to college I dragged a few friends to see them at The Front & they left amazed. Chart topping hits are what the masses know them for, but I always knew them as a gritty, hard working band, who wrote honest tunes & worked hard to perform great shows for those who turned out to see them. This set from Rockwood brings me back to those amazing early days & I am just so happy for Chris & the band. I hope they keep making music, & playing in venues where you can really apreciate what they are doing. This show is awesome!
Reviewer: SPINDOCTORS-ARCHIVE.COM - 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars - August 2, 2012
Subject: Even Spin Doctors get the blues
What a great show, what a cool sounding recording. Spin Doctors performing original blues songs old and new, mixing them with album highlights and classics. Thanks so much for taping and sharing this great night of music.

I think it's appropriate to add what taper Scott Bernstein wrote about this show - his show notes perfectly describe what you are about to hear:

"This was a special night for Spin Doctors fans (yes, the few, the proud, the mighty that are left) as the band was playing in a tiny tiny venue and made it known that they were going to be focusing on stuff from their newly-recorded album. For those of us "in the know", we already knew that their new album was going to be focusing primarily on a lot of the material that they had written in their very early years in a blues vein.

If you give this show a listen, you'll hear Chris Barron talk about how in their very early years, they had lots of original material -- but to get the high paying gigs around town, they had to play the (no longer existing) blues clubs like Mondo Cane and Mondo Perso which wanted blues bands. So (as Chris tells the story) the band wrote a bunch of blues tunes to fake it and get the gigs, but by the 3rd set they'd start slipping in their own non-blues tunes.

Most of these songs were rarely played nuggets throughout most of their career (including their Wetlands days), but every once in a while they'd slip one in. Of course as time passed and the band's set lists became more calcified towards the album tunes, many of them were forgotten.

Fast forward to last summer when the band did a "20th Anniversary of Pocket Full Of Kryptonite" tour of England, and uber-fans David Landsberger and Daniel Heinz accompanied the band on their tour and started bugging them for some of the forgotten tunes. This got the band thinking, and sure enough they decided to record an album of their blues originals -- which brings us to this gig in tiny Rockwood, which took place 2 days after they finished recording the album and wanted to play the tunes out in front of people!

Opening with the classic "Big Fat Funky Booty", the band kicks off the dirt and then goes right into their single from their last album "Nice Talking To Me". OK....Then the pull out a newly-written blues tune from the album "Some Other Man" followed by one of my favorite oldie blues originals "Scotch & Water Blues" that is a smoker. They follow that up with another favorite older bluesy tune (that actually made it onto their album Turn It Upside Down), "About A Train". Leaving the blues-themed material for a moment, they drop into great segue between PFOK tunes "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong" and "What Time Is It?" before returning to the DEEP cuts like "The Drop" ("'cause it's not the fall that kills you mama, but that sudden stop!") and a very very old song I'm not even aware of The Spin Doctors having played before (though I have heard Chris Barron play it solo and with his childhood buddy Ben in their duo called The Fun Bunnies) called "Ben's Looking Out The Window Blues", juxtaposed with their hit "Jimmy Olsen's Blues". The newly-written title track from their album, "If The River Was Whiskey" follows, as does a little nugget from the old days "What My Love" -- this song contains the classic lyric "4 walls, 5 beers, a burp and 1 TV, that's all you left of my happy home and me". :) Next up is another really deep cut -- "So Bad". This is one that apparently sparked their blues revival when David & Daniel requested. Beyond the title I couldn't even remember how it went -- but Chris tells us at this show it was written for the "bad guy" in the movie "Raising Arizona" who apparently "salts his tequila with the wife of Lot." -- now that's a bad guy. And then the did into one so deep that I'd never even heard of before (and there are few Spin Doctors tunes I've never heard) called "Sweetest Portion" in which Chris coins the funny phrase: "when the bread that you've been eating is crumb-gone" -- "Crumb-gone?" Nice. They wrap up the "new" old stuff with a high energy "Traction Blues" in which the hapless narrator recounts his bad luck at falling in love and into traction.

At this point it's just wrapping up with some more well-known tunes -- "House" which was always a Spin Doctors staple in which Chris makes up the lyrics each time they play it (you can tell he was a little rusty on this version, though); and then they encore with "Two Princes" and "Lady Kerosene". While "Lady Kerosene" could easily have been a throwaway, we get *2* mini drum and bass solos in it, and the band was on fire. This was the first time all night that I let my feet take over and get dancing (instead of listening intently to the new tunes).

This is an amazing sounding recording -- possibly my best Spin Doctors recording ever -- as I spent a bit of time working with Eliot Byron to find the optimal placement for my mics before the band came out....perfectly-placed mics in a killer sounding tiny room makes for a nice recording.

Give this show a listen and hear what an alternate-reality Spin Doctors might have sounded like."

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